Sail smarter with EDO instruments. Stay informed anywhere on your boat, see all your boats data and your performance in real time, analyze recorded data and create your own polar curve

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"The layouts are really versatile, combined with the stunning graphics and a very realistic price truly set them apart from anything similar I have seen or tried. Having spent many winter months carrying out an extensive test program I am confident that your Virtual Instruments will provide me with a safe, robust and user friendly alternative..." - Ian Parry - Motor Yacht Caspa
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"The "performance" set, showing cumulatively how you are doing in relation to your polars, is brilliantly conceived and really useful. You see at a glance how you are doing, and as data points are accumulated, traces are left on the graph. This is something you can't get on a B&G system without the expensive extra racing computer." - Dochkead
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"I just downloaded your Seamantec instrument software and I’m blown away!" - Dave Gardner
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Main features

of EDO instruments for desktop

Fully customizable layout

Human voice based information system

Visualized performance history

Cloud storage and synchronized polar files

More than 40 NMEA interpreted messages

Advanced tactical racing tools

Powerful polar diagram editor

Real time performance analysis

AIS vessel visualization and collision warning

Recorded NMEA log replay for analysis

Automatically generated logbook function

Multi platform

Edo shot

See EDO instruments in action

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EDO for Mobile devices

EDO sailing instruments with limited functionality is available for Android on the Google Play Store, and for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. 

Android app on Google Play iOS App on App Store

Devices mobile

Polar video ss

How to create a polar curve

Professional sailors optimize their sailing performance with the “polar curve”. Unlock the secrets of the polar curve, and sail like the pros with EDO sailing instruments. It's not rocket science; just smarter sailing. Watch the video here.

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