"I have been looking to install a set of Virtual Marine Navigation Instruments on my Motor Yacht for some considerable time, despite there being various options available nothing came close to matching my expectations until your Apps arrived. The simple connection to my NMEA system with both USB and WiFi was matched by the intuitive and easy to use program. The layouts are really versatile, combined with the stunning graphics and a very realistic price truly set them apart from anything similar I have seen or tried. Having spent many winter months carrying out an extensive test program I am confident that your Virtual Instruments will provide me with a safe, robust and user friendly alternative to the overpriced stand alone instruments which currently dominate the market. My thanks for your excellent technical and product support, I wish you and your company every success as I am certain that this is only the beginning and many more creative additions will be available in the future." - Ian Parry - Motor Yacht Caspa

"The "performance" set, showing cumulatively how you are doing in relation to your polars, is brilliantly conceived and really useful. You see at a glance how you are doing, and as data points are accumulated, traces are left on the graph. This is something you can't get on a B&G system without the expensive extra racing computer." - Dochkead

"I just downloaded your Seamantec instrument software and I’m blown away! I’ve spent many hours mucking around with logging and parsing nmea data, storing it and trying to display it in various ways. I used to get elated just by being able to graph something in Excel! Now, using your software I can create virtually any display panel I want. I am sure the magic you’ve created will be appealing to everyone. However, there are bound to be people who are unable to set up a connection to their nmea data, or don’t have a system that is compatible, or just lack the courage to trying setting it up themselves." - Dave Gardner